Unlimited Body

Use the Natural Power of Your Body to Improve the Quality of Your Life!

Unlimited Body is a healing approach that views the body not as an object made up of tissues, organs, bones, chemicals and hormones with a limited set of possibilities to maintain or to create health, but as permeated with the spirit substance that is endowed with the miraculous power that creates life and self-corrective health.

Recognizing that the body comes fully equipped to heal itself, and that all of us have amazing untapped potential to achieve our dreams and desires, Unlimited Body uses the physical body as the pathway to healing and success.

Using holistic, safe and natural techniques to address the complex issues of health is the gift of Unlimited Body. Our health is not effectively addressed by a series of diagnoses. We know that we are an integrated whole and that our issues must be understood from that perspective.

Combining eastern and western wisdom with ancient and modern bodywork techniques, Unlimited Body effectively assists you with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems of modern life. You will learn how you can take charge of your life.

Unlimited Body is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing approach to support you in experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is based on the body’s natural ability and inclination to heal itself using its inner knowing and power.

In private sessions, Unlimited Body uses the physical body to access the cellular memory where subconscious wounds and “misunderstandings” are stored waiting to be released. As your body is supported and feels safe again, you can truly relax, reveal, and permanently let go of these hidden traumas.

Unlimited Body is a bodywork system that increases your ability to resolve the effects of your past, so that you can live fully in the present and create the life of your dreams.

Unlimited Body can be used for any the following topics:

  • Physical health
  • Better relationships
  • Career satisfaction
  • Financial well-being
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Inner peace

Body Language

Rantzén believes that the body has its own language. The knowledge of this language allows us to participate in the body’s innate pursuit of health. Most of us go through life completely unaware of the vast amount of information our physical bodies store. We mostly see our bodies as something annoying or something that needs to be “fixed”. If we really look, then maybe we see that the jaw is oblique, one shoulder is higher than the other, one foot is pointing in a different direction than the other. The argument for that is that it has always been so and will always be so or get worse. Right? This type of thinking relates to why we believe that change cannot happen by itself, even though we see change every day.

If we look closer, we see that the body screams out information. “The body is so precise in its communication so it’s really easy to understand,” says Rantzén. “If you have cold feet, you’re probably scared. If you have urinary tract problems, maybe you are over… If you have back problems, you hold back. Skin problems indicate that someone or something is very irritating. Neck problems show that you do not want to see all the roads. Shoulder problems come from carrying too much. Foot problems indicate an inability to understand, etc. As you deal with these problems, it is not only your body that becomes healthier but your whole life becomes easier. So if you free yourself from back problems, then you will be able to move forward and be more successful. If you dissolve stiff joints, you will be less grumpy and more flexible again. People often ask me if I can read other people’s thoughts, because I understand people so well, but I can not. I have learned to read body language and anyone can do it. That’s what we teach in the body language course. “

How Unlimited Body came to be

Rantzén says: “I have always been curious about what life is really about and what real healing is.” With this as a driving force, he has searched among many common and unusual areas. His exploration of Tibetan Buddhism gave him a sense of the depth needed for permanent healing. This is what many see as physical immortality. A man who also had a great influence on Rantzén is, Dr. Don Mc Farland, the Chiropractor who created Body Harmony from more than 60 different alternative disciplines. He had his first experience of how the body has its own desired path to health at Axelssons in Stockholm. “When I started studying the power of the different healing techniques, I was sold,” says Rantzén. “I immediately experienced profound physical changes and my chronically ill back disappeared.” He was completely fascinated by the discovery that he was now more aware of his feelings in a completely different way than before. “I cried for 3 years” He also realized that the fear of speaking in front of people and heightened the fear disappeared, completely without effort. “The key was that my body is 100% accepted and Okay, it made me feel so safe that I just opened up.”

Seized by his change, Rantzén indulged in learning more, attending courses, working with clients, and finally in 1989 he began teaching. “During the years I worked with this, I also learned a lot from my students and clients. I saw many interesting elements in my healing courses as well as my private treatments, which I developed and merged into a simple and in-depth healing system. This later led me to put together a unique curriculum called Unlimited Body. ”

With Unlimited Body, Rantzén wants to make everyone realize how powerful we are. With this in mind, he created “The power of your Unlimited Body”, a weekend course for personal development and healing where people get a first experience.
People who want a full experience can participate in the “Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing” weekend course series where each “Gift” is studied in detail. Thousands of people in the United States and Europe have been trained by Rantzén. They are always recommended to go first “Safe touch” The first “gift”.

Where you get to learn that “the less you do, the more is done”. This paradox creates more than just a little mental gymnastics for the students. It challenges truths that they have accepted without fail

question late childhood. “Safe touch” is a hand-laying technique that consists of allowing tissues to move as they want, which leads to trust. This in turn leads to Natural Healing in the other weekend courses of “Your six Gifts to Successful Healing” you get to learn about Body Language, Healing Pulsation, Natural Yoga, Freeing Joints and Scars and Integration of the Four Bodies. Those who want to work as an Unlimited Body Therapist can obtain a certificate after completing the therapist training course.

Rantzén continues: “I think one of the reasons why Unlimited Body is so popular is that it is so fun useful and so in-depth. People see how easily their lives can be changed for the better and in a relatively short time they can also start helping others ”.

Unlimited Body has a workbook available that goes into more detail on both the philosophy and the hand-laying technique.

The power of doing nothing.

It is undoubtedly an alchemy that occurs when someone is present when we know and express ourselves. Rantzén gives us an example that many people may relate to: “You are upset and about to divorce. You call a friend and start telling how you feel. Then your friend says: Yes, I understand exactly how you feel, here’s what you can do to deal with them… With this, the natural healing procedure has been hindered. If your friend had just listened without answering, the healing could have continued. If only you could express all these feelings, without being interrupted, given the chance to say “I feel this way”! Then it would have felt better and you would have had to let go of this trauma. The healing happens in the very opening. ”

It is literally the same with “Safe touch”. In order for tissues to heal, we need to inspire them and then get out of the way and let them tell their own story

The problem lies in the tissues

Rantzén compares traumatized tissues with “rubber bands”. If it is extended, it is automatically pulled into the relaxed position. A normal, relaxed tissue represents freedom while a tissue that is tense represents a memory that the tissue tries to avoid. Usually we try to stretch the rubber band so that it fits into some kind of idea, about how life should be lived, which always creates a pull back towards the relaxed position. An enormous change can take place when the body feels that it is in a safe and non-judgmental environment that allows all experiences.

Unlimited Body allows the rubber bands to return to their relaxed position. That’s what it really wants to do. People often, quite spontaneously, add a posture that their bodies remember from an accident or trauma. When the tissue, which you get to learn in the “Natural yoga” course, is allowed to contract as far as it wants, it lets go of the memory. ” explains Rantzén. “Sometimes when tissues can move the way they want, memories, images or emotions come back and sometimes not. The important thing is that the symptoms are gone. When the body is free to move again then the posture changes, which also changes people’s lives. You start doing things you want to do instead of putting it off. Saying no to things you do not want to do. People’s courage returns and others realize their goals and dreams “.

Terry Egli Davis, is very grateful that he chose to go “Your six gifts of successful Healing” despite his opposition to the first course, which turned out to be a sudden flu. Terry looks at it this way: “Whenever you have to do some form of healing work and you start to feel symptoms or resistance – e.g. puncture, you get sick, you get strangers, whatever it may be – for me it’s just a way to find out if I’m really serious and want to make changes in my life, or should I use this excuse to avoid it again? Rantzén says, “Every time we are learning something new and are actually going to have a change in our lives, old habits try to stop this development and make us stay in the family, instead of having everything, it is easy. to stay in a mediocre life ”. We often react similarly to physical ailments, we think that irritations in the body and temperature changes, etc. is something we have to get rid of instead of understanding that it is a sign of more health and life in the body. In the courses, through the process of learning how to expand your well-being, you also get to learn how to reach deep misunderstandings. When the truth is clear, outbursts of happiness and / or tears often occur. The courses create a good atmosphere for real change.

Healing treatment

During a “safe touch” change of treatment, half the group of students lie down, face up, and shoes off on the treatment bench, while the other half follow the instructions for an exercise. They can e.g. be to gently place your hands on your partner’s body where you have seen that it moves less than on the rest of the body and then just follow the tissues’ natural course (what this means is explained in the course). “Safe touch” is often so light that it does not feel. For anyone who believes that “If you want something, you have to fight for it” Unlimited Body is really a challenge The question, How can something that looks so simple do any good and change people’s lives? This is where you can see the magic come in! Soon a student shouts “My arm is tingling”! It feels like it wants to move! ” Many times the body moves, spontaneously, jerkily as in a dance without conscious movements or help. One student may cry while another lets out anger. A young man laughs happily! “Oh” mumbles another, she is reminded of an episode from her childhood. “I had forgotten that”. Underneath everything, a murmur of friendly encouragement spreads. A common experience is that you feel a permission to feel what you feel, a confirmation of what Rantzén refers to as their vitality.

All problems can be solved

When an Unlimited Body therapist says Unlimited Body, they mean Unlimited, as in unlimited! It is not without the limit of possibilities for an Unlimited Body Therapist that any problem can be solved. Scars and pain can disappear, tissues can be reborn and life rejuvenated. There are no restrictions.

Feel your body

“The biggest problem is unconsciousness,” Rantzén continues. People do not know how their bodies really work or that what they do with their bodies affects their success, their relationships and their happiness. The biggest misconception people have about their bodies is that it is natural for the body to deteriorate over time. This is not true. It is when we become prejudiced, we degrade ourselves.

Brian Wellenstein from Omaha, who recently finished his second installment of the series “Your six gifts” recalls, “I had a man who came in with a stiff and aching shoulder. It had come from nowhere. He first went to a doctor who could not do much other than operate and he wanted to avoid that. I started working on him with Unlimited Body, with one hand under the shoulder and one on top. From there we switched to a technique called “natural yoga” which seemed to be very good for him, he said that he felt the tingling in his arm and that it felt like the shoulder joint was floating around in the joint capsule. He also felt a lot of pulsation in the joint itself. At first he thought that all this felt very scary but when it was time to leave the pain had decreased sharply and he felt very satisfied. He returned twice more and after the third time the pain was completely gone. He said that he felt how the shoulder was right and how he could move it so much more “.


“I think right now a lot of people are ready to be perfect,” says Rantzén. He mentions Deepak Chopra, A Course in Miracles, Celesine Prophecy and Conversations with God to name just a few examples of philosophies based on “Unlimited Reality”. “They use the same philosophy that we do with Unlimited Body. We also use the philosophy at the level of a hand-laying cell tissue, ”says Arne. “The fixation on food, diets, exercise and other supplements is so common in our culture that for many people it is an important detour to go,” says Rantzén, but in the end we learn that this is not the way to go for lasting health. The worst case scenario is that it becomes a vicious circle that never ends! ” “I myself have mostly eaten burgers and cornflakes for several years now. If my diet was the source of my health, I would be dead ten times over! I’m very healthy! “If people eat a healthy diet because they think they have a built-in body defect, then they have put themselves in the vicious circle of always having to rely on the latest news about what’s good for their health.” says Rantzén. The purpose of our bodies is for us to enjoy and express our divinity, and to have a divine security system that reminds us when we have prejudices so that we can always return to our divine self. “I think it’s time for this kind of work now. People have begun to realize that heaven can be here on earth.

Healing in paradise

Rantzén remembers a miraculous healing that took place in “Paradise”! He was in a holiday resort in Greece and held a course at a conference attended by several hundred people from many different countries. “One evening near midnight, I went into a room where many of the participants used to spend much of their free time. This evening it was different. About 200 people ran around like dizzy chickens to try to find help for one of the participants who was lying on a sofa with one of his legs raised and his ankle wrapped in ice. He had fallen down a flight of stairs. It was said that a crack was heard and they were convinced that the ankle was broken. He was in tremendous pain. I was asked if I could do something for him while they were trying to get in touch with a hospital. I felt confident in Unlimited Body and knew I could do something. The first thing I did was send out most of the people and remove most of the ice. The ankle was properly swollen. I put my hands around the ankle to use “safe touch”. To my and others’ delight, the swelling went down and the pain almost immediately disappeared. I continued to work on him for about 1 hour. By this time he could walk without any pain. The next morning, as he entered the conference room, the 200 people who had been present during the evening stood up and applauded. They were absolutely certain that he had broken his ankle and would not participate in the conference again. ” says Rantzén, “I have seen so many wonderful examples like this that I can no longer keep track of them. It is so rewarding to see healing. These clients remind me of how grateful I am to work with such a thorough and profound form of healing.

Karen Carroll, worked with alternative medicine and had training in various therapies such as Reiki, Biofeedback, Craniosacrial therapy and stress management when she discovered the “missing piece of the puzzle” in Unlimited Body. “I would like to say that this is what has been the most changing in my life. The pieces of the puzzle simply fell into place, ”she says. “It was like coming home to me.” “For those who are interested in trying a treatment, it is recommended that you believe in miracles and are willing to accept them,” says Karen. When she tells one of her stories, you understand why. Karen was called to work with a 2-year-old girl with spinal inflammation, she was in hospital in an intensive care unit. “I had never seen anything like it, and at first I was sad because I felt so sorry for her. Her kidneys had collapsed and she was completely swollen. She was unconscious, heavily medicated and lay in front of machines that kept her alive and under surveillance. ” In Unlimited Body language, her spiritual body had been separated from her physical body. Physically, her body felt dead when I touched her. When I started with the girl’s right foot, which was from when she had an infection from an intravenous tube, ”Karen says,“ I felt her spiritual body come back. I gave support to her right leg, just as we learned in the course, and her body began to respond with small movements even though she was unconscious. Her parents were involved and they constantly studied the heart monitor, which began to show a lower heart rate. They were very happy about this as their heart rate had been very high for a long time. ” The girl’s father contacted Karen several weeks later and told her that she had started to recover and recovered quickly after the treatment. “The girl is home today and completely healthy.” There was no damage to the kidneys or brain that one was afraid would happen.
Karen probably speaks for many Unlimited Body therapists when she says, “I am completely fascinated. This has changed my understanding of what it is like to be human completely. Every time I touch someone with my words, my eyes or physically, it’s like dancing with the universe. It’s Unlimited Body. ”

That healing is natural and easy, does not seem so radical now, does it?