I was brought up on a dairy farm in the north of Sweden. My journey started early as I as a small child had physical problems like Scoliosis and eczema. To start of, it was my mother searching for an alternative way of healing but as I got older, I took over. I tried all kinds of treatments, among them it was kinesiologi, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathi, bachflower essence, lazer terapi, cranio sacral terpi, rebirthing and reiki. I took an exam in kinesologi, went to workshops in Reiki, Body Harmony, Body sense and became an Unlimited Body Practitioner and Completion Process Certified Practitioner by Teal Swan. I've also attended a Pranic living workshop with Ray Maor and several workshops in rebirthing/liberation breathing with Sondra Ray. I have dived deep into Louise L Hays ``you can heal your life``, Brandon Bays ``the journey``, Michael Newtons ``journey of souls`` as well as Teal Swans YouTube videos and a lot of Sondra Rays books to name a few. Thanks to this journey, I am today not just symptom free, where my back is totally straight and my eczema is gone but as a side affect I've also become so much happier, stronger and more harmonious in all possible ways as a woman and human being.

Happy customers

I received a magic Completion Process/Unlimited Body Harmony session from Eleonor. Afterwards I literally felt softer, my skin felt softer and I noticed how my thoughts and feelings towards other people were more peaceful and softer. I had no idea a session could bring me such a tangible outcome! And it was ‘just’ about how I missed being held when I was sick as a kid. The Completion Process itself is a wonderful tool, that I have learned to appreciate, as it is very powerful and freeing. And Eleonor combined this Process with her ability, her talent in Unliited Body Harmony which fulfilled my inner child’s desire to be held and touched lovingly. So, the two techniques combined created that magical outcome. I am very thankful for this experience as it has changed me for good in the best way possible.
– Love, Lianne Nieuwland

Eleonor did a wonderful Completion Process with me and I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a Completion Process Practitioner as well as a person. She is very warm and compassionate and her good intuition and spiritual abilities are combined with a downtoearthness that I find very refreshing and helpful. Eleonor is not airy-fairy, she is a power woman and I love her honesty. I felt very safe during the Completion Process and she could easily guide me through it. Afterwards I felt more complete, light and blissful. Thank you beautiful Eleonor, love you!
– Esther K

Eleonor has a wonderful ability I wish everyone would experience. She has the ability to ask the right questions and at the same time read your body to reach the origin of the feeling you want to get to. Then get help with the “how to” and what tools to use to handle those feelings, tension and questions is so valuable. No one can fix me but me, but with the guidens, the knowledge and safety Eleonor have, it feels like being up with the clouds after a session.
– Karolina Junel

I highly recommend Eleonor! She is a warm and present practitioner who is using a a lot of her intuition in her work. She is great at holding space and creating a safe environment. With the help of her guidens you get to dive deep into your emotions which creates lasting transformation and healing!
– Malin Grevillius