Eleonor Sandstrom, Completion Process
Practitioner and life coach.
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Process Practitioner and life coach.
How can I help you to a conscious life?


My passion in life is to help and teach people tools and techniques to improve their lives.

I absolutely love to see when they get that realization about how they got into “trouble” in the first place and what they need to do to get back on track.

To my help, I have two amazing techniques.

The Completion Process and Unlimited Body Harmony.

The Completion Process is a technique created by Teal Swan which is based on the idea of following your feeling to the origin of the problem. This can be done both through Skype, Messenger or Zoom as well as in real life.

Unlimited Body Harmony is a gentle hands on healing modality which is combined with coaching / personal growth. It’s a modality with a lot of therapies in one, where we work on all four bodies, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, all depending on where you are at and what you need right now to feel better.

Release your trauma

Learn to love and accept yourself

Reduce stress and feel more harmonious

Become friends with your feelings and emotions


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