This is how I work …

I work to strengthen all four bodies, ie. the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Just like a car that has a puncture on a tire, we also have difficulty moving forward in life if one of the bodies has a “puncture”.

The principle is based on the fact that everything that happens to us is stored in the body.

Positive experiences are stored as soft and free-moving tissues while traumatic experiences are stored as tensions, which after a while become pain and immobility. The reason why traumatic experiences are stored as tensions is because we often “freeze” and do not go through all the stages when we experience the trauma for the first time. Thanks to the voltages, we can go back to memory to end the circle.


When we look at the physical body, it is mainly through the empathetic touch technique. It means that I listen to my body with my hands, in the same way as a psychologist listens when you talk.

When the body feels safe, it releases the tension and the muscles become free-moving and soft again. Sometimes we are reminded of the traumatic memories that are stored in the tissues so that we can look at them further and process them if necessary. Sometimes it is enough to just become aware of them.

To look at the psychic body, there are many techniques. I use a combination of Louise L Hay,

Sondra Ray, Byron Katie and Teal Swans methods to name the biggest.

By looking at events in your life that you experience as problems, we can find patterns that, depending on how deep they are, are relatively easy to let go of. You get help to look at these patterns, see where they come from and how we can turn them to your advantage.

For example, you can look at why you get angry and upset about the same things over and over again and why it does not necessarily help to tell these people that you experience hurting you.

Sometimes you also need to go through and experience the emotions that these bring forth and then go through an emotional process to properly release these. This is something you get help and support with if and when you feel mature.

The whole treatment is based on where you are and where you feel safe!

This is what a Session can look like.

If you have booked a Completion Process, I will always contact you before the first time. The process includes a meditation where you create a refuge and a safe person who is very good to have with you. If I have not contacted you, get in touch with me.

On day D, you get to tell what you want out of the treatment, eg take care of feelings / injustices that lie and gnaw, learn to handle a situation that you always get angry and upset about, get rid of pain in eg a shoulder or just want to create more of the good.

Reading body language is an important part for me, sometimes you have to walk a little both for me to see more but also to make you more aware of how and what you feel for and in your body.

Usually you have to lie down on the treatment bench with the clothes on, both for you to be able to relax properly but also for me to be able to use my touch technique. The touch feels very safe, supportive and relaxing. If you want to sit on a chair, of course it also works well.

If we work with the Completion Process, it is usually more talk, visualization and going into emotions. It is very different how much help and guidance you want, many who find it difficult to feel / go into emotions rarely have any major problems when they come. We’re talking about all this.

It is also important to know that ALL emotions are welcome with me.

I almost always combine both techniques, so even if you have booked a Completion Process, I use the touch. It is so valuable supportive in many ways even if I would not use it from an Unlimited Body Harmony perspective.

When there is more focus on Unlimited Body Harmony and its touch, what happens there is that the body’s own healing powers are released, tensions soften and misalignment’s are corrected. Here, too, we talk about what you experience, about patterns, traumatic experiences and misguided thoughts.

When the session is over, I usually recommend that you walk around a bit. Both to feel how the body feels but also to help with the integration of all changes. It is a good idea to let yourself have a quiet moment after the session.

You are also advised to continue to be aware of how your body feels and moves for several days after the treatment as changes in the body often continue for several days.